“My room is a horrible mess, but it is not obstructing others.”

While I may not obstruct others, I have definitely caused problem to myself.

If makeup is the way I present to others, then living environment reflects the way I view myself.

A cluttered space naturally makes me feel out of control.

In fact, people who live in a cluttered space often experience higher stress, they have more difficulties in regulating their emotions and behaviors, and they are more likely to engage in impulse shopping and binge eating.

Quoting Danshari, authored by Shin Katazukejutsu: if one has difficulties deciding on little things, like whether to get rid of an object in one’s space, then making major life decisions such as changing jobs or getting married will be even more difficult.

To organize my living space is to organize my thoughts.

When I declutter my living space, it creates clarity in my mental space too.

Let’s end 2020 with a year-end cleaning.