Motherhood is one of the most important roles in a woman’s life. In this age of information, the quest for knowledge on how to improve the motherhood experience is an ongoing process. In view of this, Philips Malaysia is collaborating with Sunway Medical Centre to share knowledge on the holistic Journey to Motherhood, covering pre-pregnancy preparations, the pregnancy experience, and caring for the new child.

The knowledge sharing session for the media held today saw the participation of Sister Tham Kwee Peng, a Certified Lactation Counsellor and Senior Nursing Manager for Women and Children at Sunway Medical Centre; Saw Bee Suan, Senior dietitian at Sunway Medical Centre and Jessie Foo, Clinical Psychologist at Sunway Medical Centre, as well as Chef Marina Mustafa.

“Philips believes in improving lives, and one way to help mothers get more peace of mind is to equip them with knowledge. Motherhood is a heavy responsibility and many new mothers worry about giving their children the best. Through the Journey to Motherhood activity, we are working with the experts at Sunway Medical Centre to share knowledge that can help women embrace their role more confidently. Sunway Medical Centre is a leading tertiary healthcare facility and Philips Malaysia is pleased to collaborate with them to share holistic information to help women plan their pregnancy, experience a positive pregnancy and nurture their babies with assurance,” said Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager at Philips Malaysia.

“Philips’ innovative products are our main tools in helping to improve people’s lives. When it comes to motherhood, the main concerns are childcare and promoting good health among family members. The innovative Philips AVENT range, which includes breast pumps, baby and toddler feeding range and various accessories, has been trusted by breastfeeding mothers for 31 years to provide convenience and safety, and we are constantly improving our products to best support mothers throughout their growth journey. Beyond that, the Philips range of kitchen appliances makes it very convenient for every mother to prepare healthy, nutritious food for themselves, their babies, as well as all in the family. Philips’ holistic product range even includes air purifiers and steam cleaners, suitable for mothers worried about health hazards like the haze and dangerous microorganisms,” Ali added.

At the Journey to Motherhood event, Sister Tham spoke on the challenges new mothers face when breastfeeding and ways to overcome the challenges, breastfeeding myths, and also shared tips on preparing for a positive breastfeeding experience post-delivery. “It is important for new mothers to realise that breastfeeding is a learning experience, and they are not expected to get it right the first time. They should not feel dejected if they do not have a positive experience. As for diet, balance, moderation and variety are the key to eating right during breastfeeding. However, lactating mothers generally need an extra 500kcal in their diet. They should also get enough rest as stress can reduce breast milk production,” Tham said.

Senior dietitian, Saw shared that when it comes to nutrition, many mothers-to-be also ask about special foods or nutrients they should be taking for the production of the optimal breast milk (quantity and quality) to support baby’s growth, both physically and intellectually. According to her, “For mothers who are exclusively breastfeeding, her milk production will require 600 to 800 calories per day, which 100 to 150 calories of it from maternal fat store and another 500 calories is from mother’s diet. As such, lactating mothers need to eat enough of balance diet with all necessary daily nutrients. Rapid weight reduction is discouraged while breastfeeding. Besides, drinking sufficient fluid will ensure mother always maintain good hydration during breastfeeding.”

According to WHO, baby should be fed exclusively on breast milk until they reach six months of age. This will help them achieve optimal growth, development and health. After this, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding until the age of 2 years or beyond, in additional to feeding complementary foods. “As 50% of Malaysia’s workforce is female, it is important for women to negotiate with their employers on having time and facilities to express breast milk at work. Research has shown that companies that support breastfeeding staff have better staff retention, plus the babies are healthier and cause less worry to the mothers. It is a win-win situation for employers to support breastfeeding mothers at work,” Tham added.

Meanwhile, clinical psychologist Jessie Foo discussed the typical developmental milestones of children from birth to 5 years old, including gross and fine motor skills, language and cognitive abilities, as well as socio-emotional functioning. “Satisfactory early child development helps children to progress and adjust to school and enhances their ability to attain full potential in life. By monitoring a child’s development in the first years of life will open up possibility for developmentally delayed children to seek specialized care as early as possible and thus improve their quality of life,” Foo said.

“It is a good idea for parents-to-be to sign up for prenatal classes as all the various matters are covered, including advice on nutrition, the childbirth experience, breastfeeding, relationship advice and much more. At Sunway Medical Centre, our team also includes nutritionists, child development experts and paediatrician who will be able to address all your worries about what to feed your child as they become ready for solid food, your child’s developmental milestones, and any other concerns you may have in raising a happy, healthy and bright child,” Foo added.

Sunway Medical Centre’s Parentcraft prenatal classes begins on 7 November. For more information on Sunway Medical Centre’s Parentcraft prenatal classes or to register, please visit

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Source from Galaksi Media